Manor House Krusenfelde

Krusenfelde was a feudal estate which originally belonged to the neighbouring village of Gramzow. Around 1861 the then owner Wilhelm von Kruse had the Krusenfelde outlying estate established in the district. (A small farm belonging to a large-scale agricultural unit)

Until the expropriation of Wolf Eginhard von Kruse auf Neetzow in 1945 the estate remained in possession of the family; the last tenant was Franz Albrecht.

The manor house is used as a residential house. As such it received in the 1990s the "popular" external thermal insulation and the "practical" plastic windows on the occasion of remediation work.

The former park has been taken over as a playground, for gardens, and a barbecue area. Of the estate complex one granary is extant.

The cobbled avenue of limes, which once led to the manor house, now runs parallel to the new village street - alas without the lime trees.