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Ludorf manor in calendar 2019

Ludorf manor in calendar 2019

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Manor House Ludorf

In 1698 the manor house was built in Danish clinker brick renaissance style. Up to present times it is still virtually unchanged in it’s outward appearance.

Inside the manor house one can still see ceiling paintings from the construction period which are unique for Mecklenburg. The estate was in the possession of the von Marin family, and the von der Kerberg family, from 1686 to 1901 property of the von Knuth family. In 1938 Dr. jur. Wilhelm von Schulse-Bülow was the owner of the estate.

The well looked after landscape park was established in the first half of the 19th century.

The estate church is located next to the manor house. As the only building in Northern Germany the church was erected on the same ground plan as was the Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem. Also noteworthy is the attached family vault of the von Knuth family, constructed in 1736 by the lord of the manor auf Ludorf und Gneve, Adam Levin II. von Knuth, which holds an assembly of nine oak coffins in good condition. Attached to the wrought iron door of the vault as well as on the walls there are numerous coats of arms of in-law members of the family.

Nowadays the manor house is the “Romantik Hotel Gutshaus Ludorf“.

Gutshaus Ludorf

17207 Ludorf, Rondell 7 - 8

Phone: 039931-8400
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