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Manor House Lexow

In the Mecklenburg Lake District, surrounded by large lakes, (Müritz, Fleesensee, Kölpinsee) lies the small village of Lexow amongst meadows and fields.

The manor house is comparatively small, it stands square and solid in its place. This simplicity has its reason: up to the year 1918 the estate and the manor house (built in 1874) were part of the landholding of the Dobbertin convent and were afterwards leased as a demesne.  
No lord of the manor here who wanted to immortalize himself in the architecture, instead the planning was dominated by the down-to-earth necessities of an estate administration. Originally the manor house was surrounded by estate buildings and stables on both sides, some of which are still standing nowadays.   
After the expropriation of the tenants in September of 1945 the manor house served as accommodation for refugees. Up to the fall of the wall in 1989 it offered room for the office of the mayor, the school, and a doctor’s surgery as well as for a hairdresser and the local cooperative shop and thereby became the epicentre of village life. In addition some rooms on the upper floor were in use as flats.
The buyer of the house in the 1990ties did not make use of it and let it fall into disrepair.
In 2007 the property found new buyers. They renovated and furnished the manor house carefully following original documents and employing craftsmen conscious of their tradition.
Nowadays the listed building Gutshaus Lexow is a welcoming hotel providing rooms and holiday apartments.

Gutshaus Lexow

17209 Walow OT Lexow, Dorfstraße 29 - 30

Contact: B. Buschow & P. Oldendorf
Phone: 0381-20363696