Manor House Detershagen

The Detershagen estate was under the ownership of the von Moltke family, von Oertzen family, Helmut August von Plessen (died 1724), Joachim Christian von Müller (1753-1802), Burchard Hartwig von Plessen (1802-1812), Jacob Friedrich Warnke (1821-1840), Bernhard von Storch (1816-1890), Albert von Storch (1843-1910), Detlev von Storch (1910) and Jürgen Detlev von Storch (1910-1945).

They were expropriated in 1945. The estate was managed by an agricultural production cooperative following that until the political change in 1990. The manor house and around 2 ha. of the former park was acquired by the Campenhausen family in 2006. It has been lovingly renovated since then.

There is a holiday apartment available for guests in the manor house.

There are only a few pictures from former times, so the family is always grateful for cosy informative conversations with witnesses who can remember life in Detershagen before 1945.

accounting holiday apartement:

18236 Detershagen, Am Gutshaus 8

Contact: Gutshaus Detershagen, Frau Dr. Sonja Frfr. v. Campenhausen