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Roggow manor house in calendar 2021

Roggow manor house in calendar 2021

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Manor house Rothen in calendar 2022

Manor house Rothen in calendar 2022

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Manor House (Castle) Roggow

The listed Roggow manor house had already been first referred to historically in 1345 and today belongs to one of the oldest in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, a land of many beautiful monuments.

It is at the same time the oldest family residence for the von Oertzen family, who had lived there without interruption until its expropriation in 1945. It was only after political change that the family could buy back at least a part of their earlier property, the manor house and the park. The present generation of the family once again lives in the old family house.

The loving efforts made for the furnishing details in the rooms have really paid off after long renovation work. Each of the individually furnished holiday apartments breathe the special interior ambience. The beautifully designed park does as well, with its impressive stock of very old trees, proving that the place is very special. It exudes the calmness of natural surroundings, the peace of the healthy fresh air and the restfulness of the widespread parks and fields.

Each apartment has its own personal character. The guest and his or her personal need for relaxation and curiosity are the inspiration for when the furnishings or colours were matched to the room and light. Thus the traditional and newer elements are combined to a loving whole. The ca. 100 sq. m hall serves for festive occasions as well as an elegant salon with a warming tiled oven which spreads comforting warmth during the cold seasons.

You can find information about apartments, furnishings, sizes and prices here: (ger)

The exterior of the house, as often happens, succumbed to the changes of time. A Wendish castle became a substantial building; a manor house with farm buildings over ca. 800 years. The baroque building reconstruction followed after the Thirty Years War. Building of extensions on the east and west sides gave the house the size which it still has today. The neo-Gothic decorations on the façade come from the 19th century, as with so many houses here in the North.

Roggow lies in the middle of a coastal landscape and neighbours the extensive bird and nature conservation areas, surrounded by fields and forests. It is only ca. 400 m from here to nearby Salzhaff and ca. 3.5 km to the Rerik Baltic Seaside Resort with its endless sandy beaches. Hardly any manor house with holiday apartments and a holiday home is so near to the Baltic coast. It is a paradise for our guests, because the unspoilt nature, the lagoon and the open Baltic allow you to enjoy an undreamed of calm and relaxation where everyday routine is quickly forgotten. We have recently started to offer our guests energy massages, Reiki treatment or relaxation exercises upon request to alleviate back pain, joint pain and muscle ache.

Structure of ownership prior to 1945:

ago 1311-1791

Familie von Oertzen


the heirs of chamberlain von Oertzen


professional huntsman and district administrator Jaspar von Oertzen


the brothers Wilhelm and Carl von Oertzen


Wilhelm von Oertzen


the heirs of Wilhelm von Oertzen


brothers von Oertzen


Helmut Friedrich von Oertzen


privy councillor Fortunat von Oertzen


privy councillor Fortunat von Oertzen (vather) and Wilhelm von Oertzen (son)


Ref. a. D. Wilhelm von Oertzen

Herrenhaus Roggow

18230 Roggow, Schlossstraße 21

Contact: Herr und Frau von Oertzen
Phone: 038294-78323
Fax: 038294-78323