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Manor house Carlewitz in calendar 2022

Manor house Carlewitz in calendar 2022

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City Guide Stralsund

City Guide Stralsund

for guests of the Hanseatic city: A richly illustrated ramble through the present and history of the Hanseatic city of Stralsund with a map of the old town.

Manor House Cambs

The Cambs manor house is nestled in a gentle hilly landscape surrounded by lakes. The house is bordered by a park full of old trees next to the lake.

The manor house was built in 1800 but was transformed to the current design and the conservatory added on the southern side during the reconstruction around 1906. In the 1930s, a classic extension was added on the west side. The property was owned by the von Plessen family between 1781 and 1794. In 1794, it was sold to Daniel von Neumann, in 1815 to J. H. Neuendorff, in 1818 to J. Peter Heinrich Diestel, and in 1908 to Heinrich Schack. The last owner from 1917 until 1945 was Paul Hildebrandt (Hamburg).

After his expropriation in 1945, families and the management of the estate, which is now a state-owned property, moved into the manor house.

After 1990, tenants moved out gradually and the building remained empty from 1998. The most important maintenance measures were carried out by the residents of the village. The listed manor house has never been fully neglected. During a bicycle tour, the Berckemeyer family coincidentally discovered the house, purchased it in 2005, and refurbished it completely. They strived to restore the original room partitioning. The preserved oak parquet, pitch-pine floorboards, stuccoes, wood paneling, and the fireplace in the lobby are utterly sensational. You can now rent generously furnished holiday apartments in the manor house.

Structure of ownership pre 1945:


Diederich Joachim von Plessen


Bernhard Jacob Daniel von Neumann


Jacob Heinrich Neuendorff


Johann Heinrich Diestel


Heinrich Johann Christian Diestel


Carl Heinrich Martin Diestel


Heinrich Schack


Paul Hildebrandt (Hamburg)