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Manor house Solzow in calendar 2022

Manor house Solzow in calendar 2022

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A manor house for a whole group!

A manor house for a whole group!

The guest house Zietlitz offers the suitable ambience for family celebrations, small seminars, groups of friends of historical manor houses; nature lovers, yoga groups and much more.

Gutshaus Zietlitz

Manor House (Castle) Schmarsow

The Schmarsow manor house has a dominant position in the middle of the single-family houses in the village. It is very solidly built with three wings which were built on much older foundations by Joachim von Parsenow in 1698.

Schmarsow is presented in the two calendars of 2018:

Calendar A4 | Calendar A3 landscape

The well in the cellar vault which was reopened in 2001 dates from the time of building before the present-day building and bears witness to building activities long before this time. The building has Renaissance and baroque elements. Wall paintings, wooden floors and terracotta floors as well as wall coverings were found during the course of renovation in 2001. The von Moltzan family has owned the eastern estates which Schmarsow belonged to since 1325. The fiefdom rights to the eastern estates which were under the ownership of Tugendreich von Eickstedt, belonging to the grandchild of Achim von Moltzan, were first sold by her husband, Achim von Maltzahn, after her death in 1681. A predecessor of the present owner Edith von Borch, maiden name von Eickstedt, comes from the Tugendreich von Eickstedt family.

Bricks from the Osten Castle were to be used to build the castle. The Osten Castle was built as a moated castle by the von Moltzan family at the end of the 12th century and start of the 13th century on the then navigable Tollense to collect custom duties, amongst other things. The destruction of the nearby Osten Castle was simultaneous with the creation of the present Schmarsow Castle. The wooden staircase in the castle entrance is one of the oldest in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. The building is listed as an individual memorial. The building had already been listed according to DDR law. The castle building on a 3400 sq m plot was purchased by the present owners Andrea Ruiken-Fabich and Dr. Falk Fabich in March 2000. The comprehensive restoration was carried out in accordance with listed building laws has been supported by the Deutschen Stiftung Denkmalschutz (German Conservation Foundation), the Landesamt für Denkmalpflege MV (State Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments MV) and the Landkreis Demmin (Demmin District).

Schmarsow village

The centre of Schmarsow was once formed by a row of ponds which had been formed by moraines in the last ice age. Seven ponds, partly of considerable size, were counted on old river maps, also in the village centre. One of the former ponds on the west wing could be remade. A through road was made through the former estate around 1950 and destroyed the self-contained estate. After a great deal of convincing and support from the MV Agricultural Ministry, the road was relocated around the estate on the old roadway. The opening ceremony took place in summer 2006 by the Agricultural Minister Dr. Till Backhaus. Different plots were offered for sale and purchased by the castle owners to do justice to the original rank of the building and to influence the surrounding areas. Further holiday apartments were created in the Kavaliershaus (a house on the castle grounds - a separate building for staff and guests) and gardener’s house.

Usage concept and prospects

Separate entrances to the building were envisaged to realise an economic concept: The entrance hall on the ground floor is the meeting point and centre of the house. The comprehensively renovated rooms in the west wing of the castle were changed into holiday apartments. These are suitable for families as well as couples and individuals and especially for visitors who want to spend their holidays away from hordes of tourists. The offer is complemented by the holiday apartments in the gardener’s house and the Kavaliershaus - two preserved and lovingly restored buildings with a view of the castle. The house which is also suited for cycling tourists has special cultural events and symposia. Women in particular will feel comfortable here. The social and event rooms can be hired for private parties. The holiday apartments with their the fixtures, furniture and decoration are ech designed differently, and every room has an unmistakable look. The Eickstedtsaal is intended for musical events and a practice room or rather a studio for artists. Many concerts have already taken place. Performances of works by the composer Charles Voss who comes from Schmarsow have been especially popular. Secure jobs have been created to manage and operate this establishment. Buildings abandoned to dereliction have, through this usage concept, become the glorious centre of the village and the surrounding areas once again and at the same time a sign of hope for this region.

Schloss Schmarsow

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