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Kuchelmiss in calendar 2017

Kuchelmiss in calendar 2017

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Manor House Kuchelmiss

The Kuchelmiss manor house is one of the oldest of its kind in the Mecklenburg Lake District region. This beautiful, clearly structured half-timbered building was erected around 1650, shortly after the end of the Thirty Years' War, and is reminiscent of other manor houses of that time, such as Zühr near Hagenow.

Kuchelmiss we present in calendar 2017
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Up to 1896 Kuchelmiss had been owned by the Counts von Hahn after it had been in their possession for centuries. Even during the 14th century one `Matthias Hahne residing at Kuchelmiss´ has been mentioned. Further owners or tenants (until about 1938) came from the family of Saxony-Altenburg (Dukes and Duchesses of Saxony).

After the expropriation of the extensive property possessions of the Counts of Hahn in 1945, the house served as refugee accommodation, as a school and as storage space of medical equipment for civil protection in case of disasters.

Since 1994 it has been used by the community.

Well worth seeing in the village is an old water mill dating from 1793, which nowadays is a mill museum.

Behind the house, at the former estate, begins the Nebeldurchbruchstal a valley through which the river Nebel flows, a tributary of the river Warnow, a wonderful nature, and hiking paradise.

Structure of ownership prior to 1945:


Counts von Hahn


Detlev von Hahn


Counts von Hahn


Land-Marshal (marshal of patrimonial land) Carl Count von Hahn


Friedrich Count von Hahn


Max Otto Friedrich Werner Adolph Ernst Count von Hahn


Albert Prince of Sachsen-Altenburg, Duke of Sachsen


Olga, Elisabeth and Maria, Princesses of Sachsen-Altenburg, Duchesses of Sachsen Fiefdom Holder Eduard Prince of Anhalt