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Manor House Charlottenhof near Strasburg

What is now known as Charlottenhof near Strasburg used to be an unnamed outlying estate back then when Hans Christoph von Oertzen moved into the old mansion of his inherited estate, Rattey, in 1782.

The place got its name in 1826 through Adolph Friedrich Carl von Oertzen, honoring his mother Charlotte who died in 1837. The residential house of the estate that he named after her was built in the 19th century and was a small two-storey plastered building with a hipped roof. No member of the von Oertzen family ever lived in this house. The building was used to host tenants. Otherwise, it was the forester and an official from the management who lived there. The last owner of the Rattey property, and hence of Charlottenhof, was Bertha von Oertzen.