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Wiligrad Castle in calendar 2019

Wiligrad Castle in calendar 2019

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Wrangelsburg manor house in calendar 2021

Wrangelsburg manor house in calendar 2021

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Wolfradshof Manor House

The manor house at Wolfradshof was built by Ernst Hermann Samuel von Wolffradt in 1848 and with the lands pertaining to it received the name “Wolffradtshof” by government decree in 1850.

The house is a stucco structure in the classical style. Two Tuscan columns were placed in front of the entry portal. Above the portal the arms of the von Pessina von Branconi family can be seen on a triangular gable.

After 1945 refugees found accommodation in the manor house, and the hall later became a cultural center; in the house were a kindergarten, a branch of the post office, and a collection point for eggs.

During the East German period the agricultural buildings decayed in part; the house was also neglected and therefore only partially occupied in 1989. The park behind the manor house could be recognized only by the few remaining trees and shrubs.

It was in this condition that the house, ripe for demolition, was acquired by Irmgard Johannsen and Holger Steinel from Berlin. Since 2004 they have carried out a professional renovation.

Part of the park was also newly laid out.

Owners and lessees of Wolffradtshof:


1848 - 1869

Ernst Hermann Samuel von Wolffradt (1793-1869)
Lessee from 1850-1870: Gustav Balthasar (1821-1870)


Carl Friedrich Wilhelm von Wolffradt (1839-1903)

1869 - 1879

Albert Theodor Carl Heinrich Friedrich Heydemann (1835-1903)

1879 - ca. 1887

Lieutenant Werner von Branconi

ca. 1887 - 1900

Paul von Ramin

1900 - 1930

Max Wilhelm Friedrich Carl Anders
Anna Anders neé Harder, the son-in-law Otto Lobeck (1884-1944) became the lessee in 1903

1930 - 1945

Robert Unger
The heiresses leased to Joachim Kroos from 1942 - 1945

Information compiled by Cordula Schultz, Eutin