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Wiligrad Castle in calendar 2019

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Weitendorf Manor House near Laage

In the fifteenth century Weitendorf was a subsidiary estate of Rossewitz. The Vieregge (Viereck) family had their seat here from 1450 and remained in possession of the estate into the twentieth century.  Today descendants of the Vieregge family once more manage the estate.

In May 1945 the manor house burned down.  Afterwards the estate served as a provisioning farm for the Russian occupation and was later a cooperative with an agricultural training facility until reunification.  In the 1950s a new two-storey house on nine axes was erected on the foundations of the former manor house.  Many buildings of the large manor grounds have been torn down.  Still extant are the old horse stables and carriage house to the left of the dwelling.

The estate still has a large park, which has lately been cleaned up and maintained.  In 2016 an alley of trees was planted that restored the former line between the house and the church.  The park is open to the public.

In the cemetery of the Weitendorf church is the grave of Voltin von Vieregge dating from 1572.

Photos and editorial help:  Axel Stelter, Jörg Matuschat; historical photos: Collection of A. Kobsch/Th. Pilz

Ownership before 1945:

From 1450

von Vieregge (Viereck)


Major General Christian Friedrich von Viereck


Mrs. Ulrike Sophie Gräfin (Countess) von Nugent, née von Viereck


Mrs. Ulrike Sophie de la Roche Begg, née von Viereck


Privy War Counselor Carl Friedrich Albrecht von Viereck


Chamberlain Gustav von Viereck


Captain (Ret.) Otto von Viereck


Adam Otto Gustav von Viereck


Captain Gustav von Viereck