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Wiligrad Castle in calendar 2019

Wiligrad Castle in calendar 2019

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Wrangelsburg manor house in calendar 2021

Wrangelsburg manor house in calendar 2021

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Westenbrügge Manor House

Westenbrügge, situated between Kröpelin and Neubukow, was first mentioned in writing in 1318. The village was founded in the course of the settlement of the east, and the name is taken from the bridge over the Hellbach stream. This road was a main trading route between Rostock and Wismar from the Hanseatic period until 1836.

Westenbrügge is in the 2020 calendar.

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The manor house was built in its current footprint in 1699; the rear part rests on the walls of a medieval moated fortress.

The house gained its current late Classical appearance with balustrade and lookout tower on the roof around 1840 by order of the von Müller family from Lüneburg, who after several changes in ownership in the eighteenth century were in residence for over 125 years until 1945.

They also built the pavilion behind the manor house; as a kitchen it provided food for the entire estate workforce.

During World War II many refugees sheltered in the house and afterward it served as lodging for many families. Finally it housed the community offices, local cooperative store, day nursery, and kindergarten.

After 1990 the estate buildings went first to various public entities until finally all were back in private hands.

The historically protected manor house is surrounded by a park with a 200-year-old “linden cross” of two alleys of linden trees that cross each other.

Behind the Classical façade the house offers old-fashioned flair, well-maintained clay plastering, and modern apartments for rent.

The village contains a few worthy sights, including the church and the estate park with its octagonal kitchen pavilion, which, however, is in danger of collapse.

Westenbrügge ist Bestandteil des Wochenkalenders 2011

Westenbrügge finden Sie im Buch "Fotografische Zeitreise - Mecklenburg", Band 1