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The Park of Fort (Manor House) Klevenow

The place of Klevenow, a former Pomeranian border fortification against Mecklenburg, is situated on the upper Trebel river. In the mid-19th century the then owner Friedrich von der Lancken-Wakenitz had a landscape park of approx. 15 hectare laid out on the ancient former ramparts.

The ramparts were levelled out, the moats filled in. In the park there is a pond with two islands. A wall forms the border towards the village roads on the north. Right behind the entrance stands the castle chapel.

During the GDR times extensive parts of the park were chopped down, ran to seed, and were converted to other use. A sports ground and a kindergarten were established. During the last years of the GDR parts of the park were regenerated, further rehabilitation took place at the beginning of the 1990s. One can still find many rare wood species and some impressive natural monuments in the park

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