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Wolfshagen is a border territory between Brandenburg and West Pomerania. Many listed buildings form the townscape.

The castle park was remodelled into a country park in the 1830s by Lenné. The Haussee forms the centre of the park; the castle was situated on its south bank until 1945. There are castle ruins in the park with the von Blankenburg family Fangel tower. The King’s Column from 1834, commemorating the introduction of the Stein-Hardenberg Reform, is an eye-catcher. A memorial to the War of Liberation and a triumphal arch from 1830/40 is of interest. The estate village was built according to plan around 1830/40.

The former Prussian customs house from 1835 deserves a special mention. It is built out of stone; the building decoration is in brick and is reminiscent of a small hall church. The former foundry which was built between 1831 and 1835 by Count Hermann von Schwerin in neo-Gothic style is near the King’s Column.

The Wolfshagen church which was built in neo-Gothic style on the initiative of Count Hermann von Schwerin from 1785 to 1858 is on the edge of the country park and has sandstone statues of the reformers Luther and Calvin on the main portal. A family tomb was built next to the church by the Counts of Schwerin. Six family members are buried there.

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