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Veste Landskron

The picturesque castle ruin of Landskron lies north-east of Altentreptow in the hollows of the Großen Landgraben. Ulrich II von Schwerin had the fortress built in Renaissance style in 1576.

The moated castle served as a border fortress and therefore had a ring wall and a steeply sloping wall with moats surrounding it. You could only enter the courtyard over a drawbridge and through a gatehouse; its ruins are here today with a neighbouring guard house. The horse stable was also in this northern area, the castle chapel on the south side and a farm building in the eastern area. Bastions on the west side were strengthened with stone parapets which are in ruins today. The courtyard and garden were surrounded with an extra high wall. The manor house had three stories above a cellar and was ca. 25 m long and 15 m wide, with a round tower at each corner. The castle site was damaged in the Thirty Years War and not used anymore after that. So it had already become a ruin 100 years after being built. The protected location meant that an impressive number of trees could grow inside the ruin. English oaks with a trunk diameter of more than four metres are growing on the wall. Already a favourite day trip destination in the 19th century, it is still worth visiting the site today – especially for the romantically inclined.