Manor House (Castle) Groß Schwansee

There can’t be a better location for a castle hotel, as only a few metres separate the Groß Schwansee manor house in Klützer Winkel from the Baltic beaches.

A linden tree avenue through an extensive park leads you there. The baroque building was built in 1745 for the von Both family which had been in residence since the 14th century and their coat of arms flanked by the coat of arms of the von Plessen and von Dorne families can be seen in the pediment on the courtyard side. A tablet with a Latin inscription is also on the courtyard side. The estate was sold to the Count von Brockdorff in 1780. There were several changes of ownership until the von Schröder family purchased the estate in 1850 and remained owners until 1945. The manor house offered somewhere for refugees to stay after 1945 and was used as a school and boarding school until 1980. It stood empty starting in 1991 until the Dornier Medienholding GmbH purchased the whole estate complex in 1999. The manor house was renovated with a great deal of effort and converted into a castle hotel. The farm buildings from the 19th century also have new glory and have been used for tourism since then.

Holidays in the Gross Schwansee Castle Hotel

An elegant castle and a modern park building in a unique location directly on the Baltic Sea between Travemünde and Boltenhagen.

63 hotel rooms in four different categories, two restaurants, a bar, a wellness area with two saunas, a natural bathing pond, spa treatments, our Baltic lounge “Little Swan” and much more to inspire you.

The large park, unspoilt nature and the hospitality guarantee an unforgettable stay at the Gross Schwansee Castle Hotel.

A unique and refreshing atmosphere which you won’t find anywhere else.

Schlossgut Groß Schwansee

23942 Groß Schwansee, Am Park 1

Phone: 038827-8848 - 0