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Manor House Klein Kubbelkow

From the 14th century right up to 1945 the von Barnekow auf Kubbelkow family resided on this estate. They had the manor house built in 1908. ... more

Manor House (Castle) Sassnitz-Dwasieden

Dwasiden was part of the Lancken-Jasmund knightly estate. In 1577, the estate was owned by the von Barnekow family and the monastery of St. Annen and Brigitten in Stralsund. ... more

Manor House Alt Karin

From 1344 on, the von Barnekow family resided in Alt Karin, and the von Karin family towards the end of the 14th century too. ... more

Manor House Jarnitz

The feudal estate Jarnitz was owned by the Barons von Barnekow in 1859; at the end of the 19th century the Count von Douglas (Ralswiek) gained possession and leased the estate to Frau Tiburtius and later to Helmuth von Massow. ... more

Manor House Lancken near Sassnitz on the island of Rügen

On the outskirts of the town of Sassnitz stands the manor house Lancken in derelict condition and presents a sad example of progressive deterioration. ... more

Wendisch Baggendorf Manor House

A manor house in Wendisch-Baggendorf was documented in writing in 1719.  The house was reached through a gate into the courtyard, which was planted with lindens.  This house received a new façade in 1762 and was renovated in 1922.  During the night of February 8, 1991 the roof was completely burnt out.  The damage to the entire house caused by the fire and the firefighting operations was so complete, that only the foundation could later be used for the building of a new house. ... more