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Manor House Briggow

To the southeast of Stavenhagen, in the peaceful village of Briggow, is a Neoclassical manor house that was rebuilt in 1855. ... more

Manor House (Castle, Moated Castle) Divitz

Not far from the small town called Boddenstadt Barth, in the Barthe valley, lies the moated castle called Divitz. It is one of the most important moated castles in the whole of northern Germany. ... more

Manor House Dumsevitz

Structure of ownership pre 1945: ... more

Manor House Krakow

During the 13th century the estate was in possession of the von Krakevitz family; followed in the 14th century by the Moltke family. ... more

Varnkevitz Manor House

Broken window panes, missing doors, a completely demolished interior, and a totally overgrown park - this is the former manor house at Varnkevitz at the beginning of 2013. ... more