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Weddings & celebrations

in the stylish ambience of Gamehl Castle - the faithfully restored ballroom offers room for 80 people.

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Moated Castle Liepen near Malchin

Already in 1337 the Hahn family was enfeoffed with the Liepen property and for centuries it belonged amongst their estate possessions.

The moated castle Liepen was erected during the 15th century as a feudal estate and fortification. The castle complex consisted of a main building, whose cellars are still remaining nowadays, adjoining annex buildings, the inner bailey with the well, all encased by a defence wall. A 30 metres wide and up to three metres deep moat, which in parts was artificially laid out, safeguarded the complex which could be reached across a bridge. Already during The Thirty Years´ War the castle deteriorated and around 1700 a baroque style manor house was built above the cellar vault. Past 1945 the building was predominantly used for residential purposes. From 1990 on the ancient masonry stood empty until extensive restoration work started in 1996.

Since February 2015 the Hahn family has rented parts of the moated castle and runs the Hahnsche Gutsmanufaktur (Hahn company estate factory) from there. The family of Count and Countess Hahn von Burgsdorff lives there too. In the Estate Shop one can taste and buy the speciality of the Gutsmanufaktur, the ´Alte Pomeranze", which is an agreeably bitter aromatic liqueur made from bitter oranges. Cultural events are organised and the premises can be hired for festivities.

The park and the playground are open and invite the public for walks and relaxation. On special occasions there are guided tours.

Well established in this reconstructed compound is also the `Denkmalpflegehof´(yard for the preservation of historical monuments). The staff of this venture salvage historical building materials and reprocess them for re-use. The material is on offer and marketed for the restoration of historic structures.

North of the castle complex in a small park a manor house in neo-baroque style is situated, which was built at the beginning of the 20th century.