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Weddings & celebrations

Weddings & celebrations

in the stylish ambience of Gamehl Castle - the faithfully restored ballroom offers room for 80 people.

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Manor House Landsdorf

Up to 1862 the estate Landsdorf had been in possession of the Beringes family for well over one hundred years.

Since 1853 Wilhelm Ferdinand Wüstenberg had been the tenant of the property, he ended the tenancy in 1862. The estate was purchased by Mr. Eggert who commissioned the building of the new manor house in neoclassical  building style. In 1905 the farmer Fritz Hahn acquired the estate and had the manor house enlarged by the north-eastern wing with the ballroom as its show-piece. At the beginning of 1945 the Hahn family managed to flee from the approaching Soviet troops. Later that year the manor house was first occupied by a Russian commander's office, later still it served as accommodation for refugees. During GDR times the interior of the building underwent drastic changes due to the establishment of a pub, a shop, and housing space. The 96 square metre in size and 6 metre high ballroom with its excellent plastering was still serving for
festivities up to 1998.

In 2001 the current owners purchased the manor house together with the park. The building has been reconstructed and is since in use for residential and commercial purposes. Holiday flats are available for rent in the manor house.

North-east of the manor house a gardener´s house is located which originates from around 1870 and whose construction was based on a design by architect Karl-Friedrich Schinkel.

Gutshaus Landsdorf

18465 Landsdorf, Dorfstraße 63

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