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Manor House (Castle) Kölzow

According to legend the history of the von der Lühe family and therefore the origin of the estate compound in Kölzow is linked to a love story which occurred over 800 years ago.

Two brothers de Lu (nowadays von der Lühe), both knights serving Henry the Lion, freed a Wendish princess from a burning castle. (Henry the Lion (Heinrich der Löwe; 1129 - 6 August 1195) was a member of the Welf dynasty and Duke of Saxony, as Henry III, from 1142, and Duke of Bavaria, as Henry XII, from 1156, he held these duchies until 1180.)

This was probably the castle Ilow near Wismar, one of the main castles of the Wenden Prince Niklot who abandoned it while it was still burning. He withdrew from the troops of Henry the Lion to his last fortress Werle.

Both brothers were enchanted by the beauty of the princess and wanted her for their wife. The princess was devoted to both of them and made her choice. She gave a bouquet to one brother and a golden ring to the other, he was the chosen spouse. From then on a crowned princess graces the coat of arms of the von der Lühe family. The family emblems of the descendants of both brothers are identical with one exception, the one of the descendants of the brother who married the princess shows her holding a ring in her hands, in the other one she holds a bouquet of flowers. Both branches of the family existed into the 18th century. The family with the bouquet then became extinct. The coat of arms of living name bearers has the ring.

Towards the end of the 12th century the ancestors of the family received the order to recruit settlers from Saxony (nowadays Lower Saxony and parts of Westphalia) for the Eastern parts of Mecklenburg. They chose Kölzow as their first location and began with building a fortress, with a circular moat and a fortified tower on the island, followed by the church.

The first manor house was situated right next to the tower. The location of the house was later altered, approx. 100 m further into more dry terrain. Up to the end of the 18th century the estate was owned by the von der Lühe family. Around 1850 the present manor house was built on the plot of an older building site by members of the von Pröllius family who at that time owned Kölzow. In 1925 Prince Sigismund von Preussen bought the house and the estate as a summer residence, his family retained ownership of the property up to 1945.

After 1945 the manor house was used as housing for refugees, later on it also provided room for the local co-op shop and the kindergarten.

In 2000 the von der Lühe family purchased the edifice and the park. Restoration began in the autumn of 2001. Since May 2004 the manor house has been welcoming guests as the hotel "Landhaus Schloss Kölzow" which also features cultural events.

The gable of the castle Kölzow is adorned with the relief of a woman´s head in memory of the ancestress.

Landhaus Schloss Kölzow

18334 Dettmannsdorf-Kölzow, Am Park 5

Contact: Familie von der Lühe
Phone: 038228-619-0
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