Manor House Klein Roge

In 1995 Klein Roge celebrated its 350th anniversary. Since 1836 the estate had been in possession of the Held family, in 1925 Walter Domansky bought the property and he remained the owner up to the expropriation in 1945.

In 1945 the estate was opened into settlements and distributed to so called `new farmers´.

The manor house was built in classicist style in the mid 19th century. The two-storey rendered building is standing a little elevated. Behind a square of lime trees an outside staircase leads to the entrance. On the courtside a central risalit with a triangular pediment and built in clock rises above the roof. At the rear of the listed building manor house a 1000 square metres multi purpose hall was erected during the 1970s.

During GDR times the house was predominantly used for housing families. In 1998 an antique dealer purchased the manor house and held auctions on the premises. The usage for this purpose was discontinued.

At the manor house there is a small park with fruit trees.

Some of the estate buildings are extant.