Manor House (Castle) Katelbogen

From 1662 on up to 1798, with a brief interruption, the estate was in possession of the von Plessen family, followed by the von Plüskow family, and from 1856 on by the Jasmund family.

The manor house was built in 1898 for Fritz von Voss who had been owner of the estate since 1895. It is a rectangular two storey building with two towers from 1906, seven stepped gables, expanded by a winter garden, also a patio with balcony, and a wide outside staircase leading to the park. The house was erected above a foundation of rubble masonry. It features two different kinds of roofing. On the building a hipped roof and a gabled roof merge into one another. In 1936 Fritz von Voss sold the estate. Up to 1945 it was owned by the von Busch-Haddenhausen family. Between 1956 and 1991 an agricultural boarding college operated in the manor house. During the following years the building was twice privatised. There are now apartments in the manor house.