Manor House Groß Stieten

In the early days, Groß Stieten was presumably owned by the knights von Rambow who were eminent in the southern region of Wismar. Possession then went to the von Hagen family until the 17th century when the von Zülow family acquired the property.

In 1650, Major Baltzer von Zülow in Groß Stieten married Elisabeth von Hahn from the house of Arnsberg. Among their many children was Joachim Baltzer von Zülow, who later became his successor in Groß Stieten. It is presumed that Groß Stieten and the villages Neu Stieten and Grapen-Stieten once had the same owner, who had held them for a long time. From 1871 up to the expropriation in 1945, the property was owned by the Thormann family. Groß Stieten can hardly be recognized as a manorial village since it has expanded a lot in recent years.

After 1945, the property was taken up by the state for farming. A large dairy farm was established, and the stables were used to rear cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, and poultry. The property provided about 760 jobs and was also used for training purposes. At the same time, Groß Stieten was transformed into a socialist model village with modern residential blocks, a school, and a well-known cultural center.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the property was dissolved and has been owned by a private agricultural enterprise since then that specializes in cattle, poultry, and arable farming.