Manor House Drölitz

Drölitz manor house was transformed to the current design around 1845. One of its striking features is its central risalit at the courtyard of the two-storey plastered brick building with the clearly structured façade and the hipped roof:

perfectly over two floors, above it is a turret, and the entrance to the manor house is roofed. Inside the turret is a clock and a bell. Since 1867, the property was owned by the von Bassewitz family; Countess Ella von Schlieffen, born of the von Bassewitz family, from early 19th century up to the expulsion and expropriation after the Second World War.

The manor house is now a private property again and is lived in.

Behind the manor house is a well-kept park with a beautiful assortment of trees. On its edge are the graves of the Counts of Schlieffen, among others who fell in the World War.